Self Assigned: Quail hunt in Lake Wales with AKC Champion Vizslas

I’m a dog guy, I mean I REALLY love dogs. Not those little yippy lap dogs with Napoleon syndrome, but big dogs, sporting dogs, slobber and all.

Nothing against the little guys but I was traumatized by a teacup poodle once and I never quite got over that.

Recently our Springer Spaniel and Yellow Lab decided to do some exploring and were thankfully rescued by a neighbor.  Turns out this neighbor has an AKC Grand Champion Vizsla.

Never heard of a Vizsla?  Think reddish Weimaraner.

We quickly became friends and I photographed her dog, and a few other dogs by the same breeder to repay her for her kindness. When the opportunity to photograph the dogs in action came up, I jumped at it.

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