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Ad work for Oregon Cordless

Photo By Brian Tietz Photo By Brian Tietz Photo By Brian TietzOregonCordlessAd1

Creatives from Blount International contacted me to shoot a series of ads for a new line of high powered battery operated electric trimmers and pole saws for their Oregon Cordless brand.  The tools are aimed at professional landscapers as well as consumers and they wanted to showcase their use at a golf course.  Being electric the tools are considerably quiet compared to their gas powered counterparts.

Because they are based in Oregon, the abundance of lush green golf courses in sunny South Florida was an obvious choice.   Unfortunately the scheduled shoot days ended up being cold and wet, coincidentally very similar to the weather our creative directors left behind in Portland.  Rescheduling was not an option for them and we managed to overcome the weather challenges and produce a series of images that everyone was excited about.

Even though they sky was overcast and we were dodging raindrops for the majority of the shoot we relied heavily on large reflector panels from California Sunbounce to subtly bounce ambient light on to our model, adding some pop but keeping the images looking as natural as possible.


High School Athletes for Fit Nation Magazine


Photos by Brian TietzPhotos by Brian Tietz140209FitNation0368Jordan Griffith, teenage fencing phenom, photographed for Fit Nation Magazine.140209FitNation0619Photos by Brian Tietz


Fit Nation Magazine approached me with a cover idea March 2014 issue featuring high school athletes.  I initially expected athletes from the usual high school sports, football, basketball, softball, etc.

Instead I was introduced to Jordan Griffith, a fencer currently competing in matches around the country, (dig his skull and crossbones socks!).  We also had Adrian Dougherty, a spitfire 15-year-old competitive weightlifter, who kept us cracking up during the shoot with her quick witted sense of humor.

We started the shoot with Jordan and had him move through a few different fencing stances and motions. Adrian showed up shortly after with a few hundred lbs of weights that looked like giant lifesaver candies.

We shot a ton of images of the both of them and together on white seamless lighting them with a large Octa and then individual shots of them with the colored seamless using a Mola Demi beauty dish. Everything went great and we had a blast shooting these two incredible athletes.